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Keri Cannon
Fridrich and Clark Realty

Office: 615-327-4800 | Fax: 615-327-3248
Email: keri.cannon@comcast.net

Phone: 615.504.2447
Email: carolyndakins@icloud.com

Website: http://carolynakins.com/

Carolyn D. Akins- Carolyn Akins Real Estate
Carolyn D. Akins- Carolyn Akins Real Estate

Phone: 615.504.2447
Email: carolyndakins@icloud.com

Website: http://carolynakins.com/

Grace Santschi - Scout Real Estate

Office: 615-868-9000
Email: grace@scoutnashville.com

Website: www.scoutnashville.com

Michelle Hsu - Keller Williams

Being a spouse for a physician whom I was married to when he was only in medical school really helps me to understand the struggles of physician families with moving around, find housing, and build your support group. I have personally bought three homes with a physician mortgage and am a certified Doctor Relocation Specialist and preferred realtor on Drmoves.com. VHA has been a huge part of my support system in Nashville while my husband pursues his medical training as a pediatric oncologist. I look forward meeting all of you soon! Please don’t ever hesitate to ask me any questions. If there is anything I can help you with, please just let me know!

Office: 615-243-8487
Email: michelle@hsuhouse.com

Website: www.hsuhouse.com

Josh Anderson - Josh Anderson Real Estate

Originally from Nashville, Josh graduated from Louisiana State University in International Trade and Finance. Josh served 8 years in the U.S. Army, including a 10-month stint in Bagram, Afghanistan, during Operation Enduring Freedom. These experiences, coupled with the education he received from Louisiana State, have molded him into a focused, disciplined, and strong willed individual. Josh Anderson can best be described as a man of high energy with a passion for Nashville real estate. He is a business savvy professional with a strong desire to cater to his clients' particular needs. Client satisfaction is paramount! Josh's market expertise coupled with his superior negotiating skills set him apart from the rest.


Office: 615-823-1555
Email: josh@joshandersonrealestate.com

Website: www.joshandersonrealestate.com