VHA Board Members

President | president@vhalliance.org
Spouse: Mike, Pediatrics PGY3
Emilee Friedman Fechter
Vice President | vp@vhalliance.org
Spouse: Chelsea, OBGYN PGY3
Sunshine Fund | sunshine@vhalliance.org 
Spouse: Hunter, Orthopedics PGY3
Events | events@vhalliance.org
Spouse: Andres, Pediatrics PGY4
Tiffany Emerson
VHA Kids Club | kids@vhalliance.org
Spouse: Tyler, Internal Medicine PGY3
Lori Johnson
Spouse: Evan, Neurology PGY4
Membership | membership@vhalliance.org
Secretary | secretary@vhalliance.org
Spouse: Taylor, Anesthesia PGY3
Rachael McLean
Events | events@vhalliance.org
Spouse: Kevin, Interventional Radiology PGY2
Kenzie Sandoval
VHA Kids Club | kids@vhalliance.org
Spouse: Gabriel, Internal Medicine PGY3
Board meetings are held on the second Thursday of every month, and are open to all members. For more information please contact VP@vhalliance.org.